PACT meeting

The next PACT meeting ( Police and Communities Together ) for Scott and Knowsley ward is on Monday 21st August , held at Cottage Lane Mission at 7pm .



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Update – 33 Scarisbrick Street

This application to change a family  home to a 2 x 2 flats  has been refused following strong objections from a number of sources including NWTRA . See below :photo shot of WLBC web page



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PACT meeting

The next meeting is on Monday 26th June 7pm at Cottage Lane Mission . PACT = Police and Community Together . This PACT meeting is for Scott and Knowsley ward . Local councillors may be present to assist if need be .

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Thank you

NWTRA would like to thank Lynn Wareing for all her hard work as Watch Liason Officer and wish her all the best in her new career . Lynn helped us a lot with our Neighbourhood Watch Schemes , she attended our meetings and offered us invaluable advice . Thank you Lynn . 

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33 Scarisbrick Street – Change of Use Residential to Student Flats

Following numerous complaints from Residents in the area , NWTRA have sent in the following objection .

33 Scarisbrick Street – objection – 2017/0554/COU Planning Application

We wish to object to this Planning Application :

New Way Tenants and Residents Association wish to object to this planning application to convert a 3 bedroomed residential house to a 2 bedroomed , 2 storey flats for students .

This property is already being advertised for students by OSL . See attachment .


A double extension at the rear of this property has already been built without planning permission . An Initial Notice was accepted in May 2017 by Building Control at the Council , but no planning application has been approved as of yet.

We wish to draw your attention to not only the ‘ covenant ‘ on this property , but also the fact that no interior works should take place without the consent of ‘ Housing ‘ . The covenant states( according to the e mail on WLBC planning web site- from Housing) this property should be for residential use only . The owners have not read the ‘ Deeds ‘ to this property or the covenant .
We wish to object on this . This takes another affordable house off the market , and the covenant clearly states this is a family house , a previous council house for Residential Use only . The new owners have totally disregarded this .

We wish to also object on parking , and draw your attention to 71 Thompson Avenue .( 2016/1278/FUL ) . Unlike Thompson Avenue , there are parking restrictions at one end of Scarisbrick Street due to it’s close proximity to Ormskirk centre , parking is at a premium on Scarisbrick Street . 2 parking spaces are not enough and we question whether the off street parking at this property is big enough, particularly the space at the front. Parking is at a premium on this street, and residents parking permits at one end of the street are in force .


We also wish to mention that Scarisbrick Street is over the % for HMO’s , and is contrary to policy RS3 . Loss of possibly amenity to local residents , we refer you to policy GN3 . There are log numbers with the police about ASB from student properties in this area .


Mary Wright



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Update 9 Hardacre Street

Following very strong objections from NWTRA  on behalf  of our local residents , and also objections from other interested parties .We are delighted to inform you that this Planning Application has been withdrawn to change  a residential property to a student HMO .


Mary Wright


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Age Uk Lancashire Big Knit

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