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NWTRA would like to thank Lynn Wareing for all her hard work as Watch Liason Officer and wish her all the best in her new career . Lynn helped us a lot with our Neighbourhood Watch Schemes , she attended our meetings and offered us invaluable advice . Thank you Lynn . 

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33 Scarisbrick Street – Change of Use Residential to Student Flats

Following numerous complaints from Residents in the area , NWTRA have sent in the following objection .

33 Scarisbrick Street – objection – 2017/0554/COU Planning Application

We wish to object to this Planning Application :

New Way Tenants and Residents Association wish to object to this planning application to convert a 3 bedroomed residential house to a 2 bedroomed , 2 storey flats for students .

This property is already being advertised for students by OSL . See attachment .


A double extension at the rear of this property has already been built without planning permission . An Initial Notice was accepted in May 2017 by Building Control at the Council , but no planning application has been approved as of yet.

We wish to draw your attention to not only the ‘ covenant ‘ on this property , but also the fact that no interior works should take place without the consent of ‘ Housing ‘ . The covenant states( according to the e mail on WLBC planning web site- from Housing) this property should be for residential use only . The owners have not read the ‘ Deeds ‘ to this property or the covenant .
We wish to object on this . This takes another affordable house off the market , and the covenant clearly states this is a family house , a previous council house for Residential Use only . The new owners have totally disregarded this .

We wish to also object on parking , and draw your attention to 71 Thompson Avenue .( 2016/1278/FUL ) . Unlike Thompson Avenue , there are parking restrictions at one end of Scarisbrick Street due to it’s close proximity to Ormskirk centre , parking is at a premium on Scarisbrick Street . 2 parking spaces are not enough and we question whether the off street parking at this property is big enough, particularly the space at the front. Parking is at a premium on this street, and residents parking permits at one end of the street are in force .


We also wish to mention that Scarisbrick Street is over the % for HMO’s , and is contrary to policy RS3 . Loss of possibly amenity to local residents , we refer you to policy GN3 . There are log numbers with the police about ASB from student properties in this area .


Mary Wright



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Update 9 Hardacre Street

Following very strong objections from NWTRA  on behalf  of our local residents , and also objections from other interested parties .We are delighted to inform you that this Planning Application has been withdrawn to change  a residential property to a student HMO .


Mary Wright


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Age Uk Lancashire Big Knit

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Residents may find this new site on the web very useful ;


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Residents and Visitors Parking Permits

You can now apply ‘on line ‘  for a Residents or Visitors Parking permit . Paper applications are still accepted for those who do not have access to a computer . Visit

Lancashire County Council  web site and follow the instructions ;




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9 Hardacre Street , Ormskirk

Following numerous complaints from local residents about this change of use ;

Planning Application 2017/0411/FUL. Conversion of residential property to a 4 bedroomed student HMO.

I wish to object to this planning application for the following reasons .

1. Policy RS3 of the Local Plan , Hardacre Street is well over the 5% Limit.

I draw your attention to numbers 8 and 10 Hardacre Street which were refused planning permission to change to student HMO ‘s in December 2015 . Planning application 2015/1070/COU . The reason sited for refusal of any further HMO’s on Hardacre Street was ‘ failed to comply with policy RS3 – would result in over 5% of dwellings on Hardacre Street and in a clustering of HMO dwellings to the detriment and character of the area and amenities of nearby residents ‘.

This application should also be refused on the same grounds as the above .

2. Further loss of amenities to local residents in the area . Hardacre Street is a cul de sac and students enter and leave by Station Road . There have been number of ‘ logs’ to the police of ASB on Hardacre Street , not only by residents on the street itself, but also Station Road , and Burscough Street ( the properties on Burscough Street back on the rear of properties on Hardacre) , where there have been late night parties and ASB. I am able to supply log numbers if you need them .

3. I attach a screenshot of number 9 Hardacre street already being advertised by NSW properties on their website .

Under policy RS3 alone , this application should be refused as were 8 and 10 Hardacre Street .

Mary Wight

Chair – New Way Tenants Residents Association.

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